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Mercian Elite Legguards

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When we launched the kit in 2019 it was designed for bigger ‘keepers. But, the protection and rebound characteristics mean that demand for a smaller size has developed that we want to satisfy. So, in 2019 the largest size was classified as large and the next size down was a medium. BUT those sizes were equivalent to XL and L in the Pro range.


For 2020 we will be running X-Large, Large and Medium. The 2020 X-Large is the same as the 2019 Large size and the 2020 Large size is the same as the 2019 Medium. We have then introduced a new size – actual Medium. These sizes are now the same as all the other GK kit ranges that we run.


Legguards – X-Large – 6’3”+, Large 5’10” – 6’2”, Medium 5’6” - 5’10”

Kickers – X-Large UK size 12+, Large UK 8 – 11, Medium UK 5 - 8

The open cell foam is heat bonded together under over a metric tonne (1000kg) of pressure to essentially create a one piece Mercian pad. This process removes any glue that can harden and shatter over time, this reducing the foam de-lamination that can be seen in other pads. The outer layer of foam has a skin or crust, reducing the friction that occurs between pad and pitch, aiding sliding and smothering. The internal shape has been modified to fit a longer leg with the two straps positioned to fit around the calf and below the knee. The legguards have been shaped to give the maximum legal (under FIH regulations) saving surface from the front but have also been lengthened on the inside of the leg to extended the calf protection and give another increased saving surface. The inner cell has been shaped to fit the leg but is made from heat sensitive foam which moulds under pressure and will fit the shape of the individual GK within the first couple of weeks of use. Finally the new strapping system has fully replaceable buckles (both male and female parts) and comfort pads to again enhance fit and reduce twisting.


The gloves also feature increased protection whilst keeping their weight below the other international level pads in the market. The four layer front pad on the left hand gives incredible protection with the internal shaping offering specific grippoints to enhance fit, but also ensuring the glove is positioned correctly to maximise the rebound created. A harder foam layer is sandwiched between softer foam to utilise the natural characteristics of an open cell foam, the microscopic air pockets are compressed under force (ball impact) and then return to shape, propelling the ball away after impact (returning energy). The righthand is shaped to give a maximum size saving surface. The wrist area is sculpted to offer flexibility to ensure that the forearm is protected in general play, but the angles required for ground saves and use of the stick are also maintained. The internal shaping of the right hand offers high levels of protection at specific stress points and anchor points to ensure that the stick and glove fit and function well together.


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